Where should I take material for coursework?

Coursework is carried out on the basis of sources on a certain topic. When writing a coursework, it is allowed to use books, textbooks, scientific articles, publications, encyclopedias, dissertations, monographs, periodicals, magazines and newspapers, thematic sites, online publications. The desired amount of used sources should be at least 8 -12 pages. The recommended sources for use in writing the course, in most cases, are indicated in the manual, they can also be specified at the department of your teacher

You can specify a search by the keyword of the topic, in the future, by the title of the book, we also necessarily pay attention to the resource level. If the information on your topic on the Internet is not enough, then we recommend that you visit the library of your institution, if necessary, you can visit the libraries of other universities if they have the same chairs, do not forget about the existence of national libraries which have a fairly good base in various areas.

To speed up the process of finding the right information, you can use the service of a librarian, who for a fee will do everything several times faster and better.

Collection of material must be carried out in accordance with your subject and not go beyond it.

An interesting material can be scanned, photographed on the phone; always mark where you take it from, and record the full name of the source, the authors with the year of issue, the code, the publisher – it will come in handy later when compiling a list of sources used. It is necessary to take into account that it’s better to remove some material than to return to search again, therefore, save everything that you find necessary and useful for your topic. Even if this does not fit into your concept, it can be adjusted if you do not find the material according to the developed concept.

The collected material is assembled into files or folders electronically, marking to which section the information relates.

For convenience, the assembled material can be printed and folded in the desired order according to the work plan.

Attempts to compile the work from parts of other coursework downloaded on the Internet, even when writing text, can result in a return of work, since when paraphrasing the essence of the work does not change, and teachers for many years of course checks from the Internet know almost by heart.